Anti-wrinkle treatment using filler (hyaluronic acid)

With increasing age, various changes occur in the face: the moisture content and elasticity of the skin decrease, the face loses volume and the first wrinkles appear. In this situation, the face can be made to look younger without surgery by using hyaluronic acid fillers. Fillers have a hydrating effect, which embellishes the skin structure for weeks and months.

Folds on either side of the upper lip (nasolabial folds), the corners of the mouth and frown lines (glabella wrinkles) are particularly suitable for filler treatment. With filler treatment, we can make your lips fuller and even the fine wrinkles around the edge of the lips can be treated with repeat injections. Dark eye circles along the tear lines can be filled with hyaluronic acid and thus hidden. The position of the eyebrows as well as the effects of surgery, for example in the nasal area, can be easily corrected with fillers.

For the filler injections, only well-tolerated and degradable substances (Juvéderm) or the body’s own fat are used. In addition, fillers of the latest generation contain a local anaesthetic, meaning that the treatment is largely pain-free. Another advantage of the filler treatment is the fact that with hyaluronidase, any unwanted effects can be easily corrected.

As a rule, filler treatments must be repeated once a year. In the case of nasolabial wrinkles (“laughter lines”), the results remain for up to as much as two years. If the filler treatment is combined with Botox, this is referred to as facial contouring.